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Dear Paw Paw Families,

We are proud to announce that our school district is partnering with the Regional Office of Education (ROE) #47 to offer a new support system for our students and families. The ROE staff will work closely with families who need additional support in accessing community resources, providing family education on various topics, and family goal-setting. 

Basic Needs Assistance Not Limited To:

 • Food Assistance 

• Clothing Assistance 

• Housing Assistance 

• Utility Assistance 

• Community Resources 

• Medical/ Dental

 • Medicaid/SNAP Application Assistance 

• Mental Health/Substance Use Services

 • Finding Childcare

 Family Education Not Limited To: 

• Born Learning in Partnership with Whiteside County United Way

 • Parental Strategies While Coping With Your Own Mental Health Challenges

 • The IEP Process Prep Series

 • Family Goal Setting

 • Financial Planning-What Families Learned During a Pandemic. 

• Understanding My Medicaid Benefits

 • And so much more!!!

 This support will be confidential and respectful. There are no fees for families to participate in this program. If you have any questions about this program or need additional support, please contact your school district Nexus Contact, Lacy Hansen, at 815-627-2841 ext 222 or at lhansen@2paws.net.

If you prefer to contact the ROE directly, please call Diana at 815-625-1945.


Lacy Hansen

School Social Worker