Dear Parents,

Tomorrow is our first day of school.  I am very excited to see the students and I’m sure they are excited also.  A few things I would like to remind you of:

Teacher Communications

Each classroom teacher will be communicating with all of you this week.  Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades will be using the Seesaw program.  3rd through 8th grade will be using Google Classroom.  This week I have told our staff to get to know their students, build relationships, introduce technology and communicate with families.  This is a different start to school than we have had in the past.  Teachers are having to teach differently and I want to communicate with all of you that we will do our best for our students.  Please give them the time and grace to navigate through the difficult times.

Water Bottles

Please be sure to send students with plenty of water.  The drinking fountains/water bottle fillers are all turned off in the building per the health department guidelines.  I will always have a few extra bottles of water (and some staff also) .  


Students will be receiving a lanyard/badge tomorrow during school.  They will need to wear this each morning when they come in the building.  The badge states that you as a parent has verified that they do not have any of the COVID related symptoms and they do not have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher.

If they forget the lanyard/badge, they will  go to the nurse when they enter the building.  The nurse will be calling you to verify they have no symptoms and remind you to send the with the badge.  Students who have lost their lanyards/badge will be give a replacement if needed.


We are planning on having a Parent Technology Night soon to help you navigate our communication platforms.  We will have one for Seesaw and Google Classroom.  More information will be coming soon.

I look forward to a new school year with all of you.  Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Yours in Education,

Eve Phillips