Welcome to the Paw Paw CUSD 271 Technology page

Here there is information on the technology used at Paw Paw. The Technology Department is responsible for the technology that the school uses. This includes computers, printers, network, application software, etc..

Jeff Westbrook, Technology Director
Ext. 231 Email: jwestbrook@2paws.net

For technical/technology questions and issues, please email: techsupport@2paws.net.

If you have a pc issue:
  1. Save your work.
  2. Restart the application, web browser, or pc.
  3. Check for loose cables.
  4. Contact the Tech Coord.
Copier Toner:
  • Cara or Jeff W. can call RK Dixon to obtain toner.
  • Please have the asset number on the copier.
Using different paper in printers:
  • Use bypass Tray
  • Always check printer display and set the paper type and size.
  • Return to standard paper:
    • Paper type -- Plain
    • Paper size -- 8.5 x 11

Smart Board Troubleshooting:
Touch/swipe stops working:
   1.  Unplug USB cable to the board, wait 10  and plug back in.
   2.  Unplug power to the board, wait 10 and plug back in.
   3.  Restart the computer.

Smart board display resolution with the Dell E 6440 Laptops:

  • Resolution of the laptop must be set to 1024 x 768 to match the maximum resolution of the projector.  Set in display properties of the laptop.
  • Set the refresh rate for both the laptop monitor and the Epson projector to 60hz in display properties.
  • These should give full screen on the Smart Board. 

Printing to Xerox copiers in both Offices, Lounge, and Copier Rooms:

  • Let the copier select the tray to print from.
    • Do not manually select a tray, unless different paper such as card stock is being used.

Then when the print job is completed, please remove the paper and reset the tray back to normal plain paper.

  • Trays 3 and 4 have been configured for 8 x 11 plain paper only.
  • Use tray 1 , 2 or the side tray for special paper.
  • Remember if one job is stopped because of resources, all printing will stop until the required resources are supplied or the offending job is deleted.

Computer Labs:

There are two computer labs for use by students. One lab is in the Elementary wing and the other is in the High School. Jeff Westbrook schedules the Elem. Lab and Erin Oates schedules the HS Lab. Students must have permission to use the computers in the labs and a teacher must be present. Proper etiquette must be observed at all times. Save files to a flash drive or external cloud storage like Google Drive. Do not save to the computer drive or the desktop.

Computer and Data Security