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SEPTEMBER 16, 2013


7:00 P.M.

The Regular Meeting of the Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 Board of Education was held on September 16, 2013, in the Library of the Paw Paw Jr. / Sr. High School.  The meeting was called to order by Becky Moorehead, Vice-President, serving as President Pro Tem, at 7:02 PM.  Those answering roll call were:  Steve Richey, Jason Penman, Chris Jones, Becky Moorehead, and Daryl Rosenkrans.  Dave Lilja was late and arrived at 7:08 p.m.  Also present were Interim Superintendent Robert Priest; Chuck Schneider, Principal; and Dee Wheeler, District Bookkeeper.  Guests were Josh Sarver and Natalie Boone, teachers; Kathy Mangan and Steve Sellers, custodians; and Pat VanBeek.


The public hearing on the 2013-2014 budget was opened at 7:04 p.m. 

Mr. Priest presented the District’s budget financial plan for the fiscal year 2014.  He emphasized that a budget is just a plan and not set in stone and may change positively or negatively.  If there is a sizeable change, then the budget will be amended.  Last year there was progress towards a balanced budget.  The District had to use working cash money last year and was budgeted again for this year, but hopefully, we will not to do so.  We are transitioning to a balanced budget this year and should use less working cash money.  Revenues are projected to be $3,831,000 and expenditures to be $3,801,544, which is $29,456 less than revenues.

Mr. Priest stated that the Education Fund is the largest and makes up two-thirds of our budget.  The fund was in balance last year due to using the Working Cash Fund and will have to do so this year.  We were able to reduce expenditures by $35,000.  Ed Fund revenues remained the same due to State Aid reduction, but there is an offsetting $100,000 increase in tax revenues.  There is a projected surplus of $84,000 in the Ed Fund.

He stated that the O and M Fund budget projection is in balance with an $850 surplus.  Mr. Priest informed the Board that the Transportation Fund is in balance and will have a projected surplus of $62,000.  The Debt Service Fund is in balance, and the IMRF Fund is in balance with a balance of $18,000.  Mr. Priest reported that the Tort Fund is in balance with a projected year-end balance of $62,000.  This year we will be covering some Ed Fund expenses with tort money, which will increase the Ed Fund ending balance.  He mentioned paying noon duty supervision hours from the tort fund.  Next year’s budget will decrease the Tort Fund and put it into Education Fund.  Also, the Fire Prevention/Safety Fund will have a projected fund balance.    In conclusion, Mr. Priest stated that the coming year is important because the District needs to continue to cut expenditures.  Over the past year, we have made substantial cuts in expenditures and need to do so again this year.  

The hearing was closed at 7:11 p.m.  

Jason Penman, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to adopt the minutes of the 2013-2014 budget as finalized during the public hearing.  Budget was adopted on a 6-0 roll call vote.


Daryl Rosenkrans, seconded by Chris Jones, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of August 19, 2013.  Motion passed on a 6-0 roll call vote.

Becky Moorehead, seconded by Chris Jones, made a motion to approve the minutes of Closed Session of August 19, 2013, as presented.  “The minutes of the closed session of these meetings shall be confidential and closed to the public until such time that the Board of Education determines that it is no longer necessary to protect the public interest or privacy of an individual by keeping them confidential.”  Motion passed on a 6-0 roll call vote.


  • Approval of the Bills with late additions:


Education:               $221,697.74

O/M:     46,810.62


TRANS:     10,047.71

IMRF:       8,843.72


TORT       1,740.47              

TOTAL:             $289,140.26

  • Approval of the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Eunice Rogers, District Treasurer.
  • Approval of the Financial Reports as presented. 

Daryl Rosenkrans, seconded by Jason Penman, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda items as presented.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.


Pat Van Beek addressed the Board to gain permission for the PPO to place jars in the elementary classrooms and collect pennies to raise money to purchase new bike racks.  She stated that the funds would be kept in a separate account and used for that purpose.  None of the Board members expressed objection to this idea.  

Kathy Mangan addressed the Board regarding that cut in her position as custodian to part-time hours.  She asked the Board if they had known ahead of time and stated that she had signed a contract two weeks prior to them reducing to half-time position.  Dave Lilja explained that the Board did not know how the budget was going to work until the State made decisions and our projections were made.  Mr. Priest stated that although a contract was signed that custodians are “at will” employees.  For the time being, that seemed to satisfy her questions.  Steve Sellers then addressed the Board and stated that he was there to support Kathy.  His only question was why cuts were not made at the top where they would have more impact instead of at the bottom with fewer results.  Mr. Priest stated that there were large cuts made at the top, and they do have far greater impact on budget.  He pointed out that cuts had been made on all levels, and the janitorial staff was the last to be cut.



1.  Sport Cooperatives-Mr. Schneider informed the Board that they were waiting for Pam Rockwood/Indian Creek Athletic Committee, and he would have a response ready for Indian Creek.

2.  Extra-Curricular Disciplinary Issues-Closed Session.


1.  Recognition of Schools –Copy in the Board packet.  High school and junior high school were pro forma.

2.  ISAT Results-Mr. Priest stated that ISATs took huge hits, especially in math.  He mentioned that the State “raised the bar” unrealistically with expectation that 100% of all children will meet and exceed the goals.  Basically, it is a race to top funds.  Mr. Priest that Cook County is 95% poverty. He stated that the ISATs were moot as they would not be here next year and said that PARCC Assessments would be utilized. 

3.  PPO Fund Raiser Request –Pat Van Beek addressed the Board for the PPO.  They wanted permission to collect pennies for playground equipment or bike racks as mentioned during Open Forum.

4.  Custodians-Closed Session.

5.  Principal’s Contract – Closed Session.           


Mr. Schneider reported that the remainder of Maintenance Grant Funds had been used up with upgrades to doors and locks.  He stated that Homecoming went well and mentioned that Josh Sarver and Daryl Rosenkrans did a great job grilling.  Mr. Schneider reported that an all-school field trip to Leland was planned.  This trip involved the Leland, Earlville, and our school districts.  The presentation topics were bullying (K-4), good choices (5-8), and choices after high school (9-12).

Mr. Schneider reported no discipline to report, just minor stuff and homework issues.


Mr. Priest briefly discussed the five-essential survey and mentioned that everyone is unhappy.  He stated the Athletic Committee met last Thursday.  It was decided that the junior high cheerleaders would be sixth grade first, then fifth grade.  The Athletic Director’s responsibilities were discussed and two basketball positions are open.  It was also mentioned that a NIU coach would come out and work with the junior high.




Daryl Rosenkrans, seconded by Chris Jones, made a motion to adjourn to closed session at 7:45 p.m. for personnel, probable or imminent litigation.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.

Steve Richey, seconded by Chris Jones, made a motion to come out of closed session at 8:33 P.M.  Motion passed on a 6-0 roll call vote.


Jason Penman, seconded by Chris Jones, made a motion to approve recognition of Paw Paw Elementary and Paw Paw Junior/Senior High School.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.

Jason Penman, seconded by Daryl Rosenkrans, made a motion to approve PPO fund raiser request.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.

Jason Penman, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to reduce the custodial staff to 2.5 positions. Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.


Jason Penman, seconded by Chris Jones, made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:36 p.m.  Motion passed on a 6-0 roll call vote.