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December 17, 2012 – 7:00 P.M.

Paw Paw High School Media Center

Paw Paw, Illinois

President David Lilja called the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education of Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 to order at 7:04 P.M. on Monday, December 17, 2012.  Those answering roll call were:  David Lilja, Becky Moorehead, Jason Penman, Daryl Rosenkrans, and Steve Richey and John Prentice.  Also present were Superintendent Robert Priest, Principal Chuck Schneider, Patty Torman, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Larson, teachers at Paw Paw;  Mary Dodaro, Tammy Safranek, Erin Oates, and David Seifert.

Approval of the Minutes:

Becky Moorehead, seconded by Daryl Rosenkrans, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of November 26, 2012.   

Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote, 6-0.

Becky Moorehead, seconded by Daryl Rosenkrans, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Closed Session of November 26, 2012 as presented.

Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote, 6-0.

Consent Agenda Items:

Jason Penman, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda Items with one change:

A). Approval of the additions/corrections, as follows:

    Ed.: $  201,806.52 

OP/M: $    19,287.65    

            TRANS: $    14,806.91    

IMRF: $      9,590.70     

TORT: $     - 0 -  

           DEBT SERVICE: $    15,000.00

       WORKING CASH: $    - 0 -

            TOTAL: $   260,491.78

B). Approval of the Treasurer’s Report as submitted by Eunice Rogers, District Treasurer;

C). The Financial Reports as presented.

Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote, 6-0.  

Open Forum:  


Items for Discussion:

Old Business 


New Business 

Senior Trip – Tammy Safranek and Erin Oates, Senior Class sponsor’s, gave a handout of the recent vote by the class on where they wanted to go for their Senior Trip, and a preliminary itinerary.  The students voted to go to St. Louis, March 22-March 25, 2013.  The Sponsors just wanted the Board to know their plans and to make sure that only one bus driver would be needed since they are going closer to home.  The Board said only one driver would be needed and the Senior Class was using a school bus.  They did question if a trip to the brewery in St. Louis was sending mixed messages to the students.  The sponsors said they would look at other things to plan for the class, that this was only a temporary itinerary and was not firm.   When the final plans are in place the Board would be given a final itinerary of the class trip.

Prom – Mary Dodaro, Junior Class sponsor, handed out plans for the prom to be held in the spring of 2013.  On it was a breakdown of costs and the price of tickets, either $25 or $35 per ticket, depending on Board approval.  There was some discussion of prom and the costs, and it was decided the Board needed time to think about it and come back in January with a decision.

 First Reading of Policy 5:330 Revision – IMRF gives retirement credit of 240 sick days for non-certified employees.  Currently, policy 5:330 gives 180 sick days credit for retirement, so non-certified employees would cap out at 180 days even though they may have accrued more.

Resolution Regarding Paw Paw Community Unit School District No. 271 At-Large Election of Board Members – Due to a mistake on the original question that was submitted to the County Clerks, the Board has to vote on a new resolution that is corrected in time for the April, 2013 election. 

Student Issues – Closed Session

Employee Issues – Closed Session

Discipline Report – There are no major problems, homework completion has improved and the Jr. High numbers are down, said Mr. Schneider.

Principal’s Report:  

Besides the report in the Board packet Mr. Schneider reported that the Student Council had a very successful food drive, with items being dropped off at the N.I.C.E. Center in Lee, IL.  Also, Mrs. Shannon Wiercinski, sponsor of the Paw Paw National Honor Society, recently received a thank you letter from the “Give To The Troops” organization thanking their efforts in collecting and sending items to be sent overseas to troops.  These items consisted of lip balm, hand warmers, small games, etc.  Kudo’s to Mrs. Wiercinski and her students for collecting items for this worthwhile project.  The Freshman Class, sponsored by Mr. Hoelzer recently held a successful spaghetti supper before a basketball game. 

Mr. Schneider is currently working on schedules for 2013-14.  A few variants are being developed to address the IVVC issue, working on a proposed selection criteria for enrollment in IVVC,  and moving a few classes around that will have an impact on students taking upper level math or a fourth year of science. 

Superintendent’s Report: 

There is a survey that parents, teachers, and administrators will be asked to complete in early 2013.  Mr. Priest informed the Board that this survey, 5 frequently asked questions, will help the State of Illinois and the education system and is tied in to the “Race to the Top”. 

Mr. Priest talked about the tragedy in Connecticut.   Paw Paw does have a Crisis Plan for the schools, drills have been performed in the past, and teachers are currently reassessing the plan for improvement.  There was a letter sent home to parents about the tragedy with suggestions to parents on how to relate to their children concerning the events in Connecticut.

Education – Mr. Schneider met with them.  They talked about RTi and the upcoming MAP testing.  Next meeting scheduled for January 10, 2013, at 5:00 PM.

Athletics – Mr. Schneider attended the meeting and reported that there was a discussion about the “Athlete of the Year” criteria.  Dave Smith, Athletic Director, was going to look at the requirements for that honor, and report back to Mr. Schneider. Next meeting scheduled right after Education Committee.

Transportation – did not meet.

Building – did not meet.

Enclosures: None



Steve Richey asked about the Ag Mechanic Class.  He has a friend who is knowledgeable in that area and in the winter months it is a slow time so he wanted to offer his services to the students.  Mr. Schneider said they did not have an Ag Mechanics class offered because the current teacher was not certified in that area.  Mr. Richey was told to contact the classroom teacher and maybe they could work something out.

Closed Session:

Steve Richey, seconded by Jason Penman, made a motion to adjourn to closed session of the Paw Paw Community Unit School District at 8:20 P.M.

Motion passed unanimously by a voice vote.

Jason Penman, seconded by Becky Moorehead, made a motion to come out of closed session at 8:40 P.M.

Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote, 6-0. 

Action Items:

David Lilja, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the revised Board Policy 5:330.

Motion passed by a roll call vote, 6-0.  

David Lilja, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the resolution regarding:  Paw Paw Community Unit No. 271 at large election of Board Members.

Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote, 6-0.


Jason Penman, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to adjourn the Regular Board Meeting of the Paw Paw Community Unit District #271 at 8:45 P.M.

Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote, 6-0.