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JANUARY 23, 2011


7:00 P.M.


The Regular Meeting of the Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 Board of Education was held on January 23, 2011 in the Library of the Paw Paw Jr. / Sr. High School.  The meeting was called to order by David Lilja, President, at 7:04 p.m.  Those answering roll call were:  Becky Moorehead, Jason Penman, John Prentice, and Daryl Rosenkrans. Steve Richey was absent.  Also present were Superintendent, Robert Priest; Principal Charles Schneider, and Dee Wheeler, District Bookkeeper. Guest attending was Blake Strong.





John Prentice, seconded by Jason Penman, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of December 19 2011, as presented.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.


John Prentice, seconded by Daryl Rosenkrans, made a motion to approve the minutes of Closed Session of December 19, 2011, as presented.  “The minutes of the closed session of these meetings shall be confidential and closed to the public until such time that the Board of Education determines that it is no longer necessary to protect the public interest or privacy of an individual by keeping them confidential.”  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.





  • Approval of the Bills with late additions:


Education:                $259,078.71

O/M:       22,100.41

DEBT SERVICE:                      88,612.50

TRANS:       14,617.56

IMRF:         9,080.67

TORT         2,002.75        

TOTAL:               $395,492.60



  • Approval of the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Eunice Rogers, District Treasurer.
  • Approval of the Financial Reports as presented. 



Becky Moorehead, seconded by Jason Penman, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda items as presented.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote.



No one.




1.  Senior Trip – Mr. Schneider informed that plans were moving forward for the Senior Trip as    discussed.  He stated that all seniors, except for two, were going.

2.  Yearbook Update – Closed Session.




1. Closed Session Minutes Confidentiality – Mr. Priest made the recommendation that Closed      Session Minutes remain confidential.

2.  Staffing – 2012-2013 – Closed Session.

3.  Canine Search Guidelines – A page on Building Search Protocols was handed out.  There was some discussion, but no questions on the procedure arose.

4.  Civil Rights Data Collection - For information purposes, the Board was informed that the District was in the process of completing our agency profile.  

5.  2012-2013 Calendar – A copy of the school calendar for the District was included in the Board packet for members to read through and review.

6. Transportation – 2012-2013 – The District currently uses three big and two small buses.  Mr. Priest discussed the possibility of cutting one bus route.  The District would be able to do so by using three big buses, with one of the three being handicap accessible.

7. Card Reader System for Doors – The benefits of installing a card reader system versus keys was discussed.  Mr. Priest stated that a system could be purchased for $6,000.  The vendor had provided information for a grant that could be available to possibly cover half of the expense.  The number of doors that would be accessible would be limited, and master keys would be provided to key personnel.  Mr. Schneider informed the Board that the readers could be either wireless or hard wire.    He pointed out the advantage of not needing to retrieve keys from coaches after the season was done as keys could be turned off.  Mr. Priest also noted that the problem of lost keys would be eliminated.

8. Discipline Report – Mr. Schneider remarked that the Discipline Report did not include much.




Mr. Schneider discussed paragraph three of his report that addressed failing grades.  He commented on the tremendous improvement overall with only 6 total “F’s” between high school and junior high students.  There were four junior high and one high student receiving the failing grades.  He credits the Homework Completion Plan and the support of parents and teachers in helping to achieve this goal.  He stated that they are working on a “celebration” to reward everyone’s efforts.


Mr. Schneider mentioned that positive comments were received about the recent girls’ basketball tournaments.  He suggested that other programs should offer tournaments, and that dates had been selected for upcoming tournaments.  IHSA Cheerleading Sectionals were to be held on Saturday with advancements the next Friday.


Mr. Schneider stated that the JH musical went well.  He also mentioned that microwaves were now in the lunchroom.




Mr. Priest reported that both the Education and Athletic Committees had met, and Transportation and Building would need to be scheduled.  He reported that the high school implementation plan had been approved by the state.  He remarked that the elementary school was using Six Traits for Reading and Writing.  He remarked that the Aimsweb benchmarks had been completed.  Mr. Priest stated the progress monitoring was having a good effect.  Mr. Priest credited Mr. Schneider for doing a very good job bringing RTI into the junior high and high school.




ADDITIONAL – John Prentice made a comment that the cheerleaders need to be cheering more and not standing at the games.  He felt that they should be refocused on cheering in addition to competing.  Fan behavior was brought up and discussed.




Becky Moorehead, seconded by Jason Penman, made a motion to adjourn to closed session at 7:44 P.M. for personnel, probable or imminent litigation.

Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote, 5-0.


Jason Penman, seconded by Becky Moorehead, made a motion to come out of closed session at 8:15 P.M. 

Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote, 5-0.




Jason Penman, seconded by Daryl Rosenkrans, made a motion to approve keeping closed session minutes confidential.

Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote, 5-0.




John Prentice, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:22 P.M.  Motion passed unanimously on a roll call vote, 5-0.