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                                                             February 19, 2007- 7:00 PM

Paw Paw High School Library

Paw Paw, Illinois

 Board President David Lilja called the Regular Meeting of the Board of
Education of Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 to order at
7:03 P.M., on Monday, February 19, 2007.  Those answering roll call
were: Bruce Oates, Kim Siemers, Becky Moorehead, David Lilja, and John
Prentice.  Steve Richey entered at 7:05.  Also present were
Superintendent Robert Priest, Mr. Josh Ebener, Patty Torman, Alice
Zeman, Mrs. April Moorehead, Mrs. Geri Larson, Eric Sauer, Brandi
Infante, Wade Raymer, Attorney for the District Walt Zukowski and a new
associate of the firm, Jacob Frost.
John Prentice, seconded by Becky Moorehead, made a motion to approve the
minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 22, 2007, as presented
Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

 Kim Siemers, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the
minutes of the Closed Session of January 22, 2007, as presented.
Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

   Consent Agenda Items:

 Steve Richey, seconded by Kim Siemers, made a motion to approve the
Consent Agenda Items as presented: 

A).       Approval of the bills as follows:

                        Ed:                   $ 245,493.23

                        OP/M:              $   41,750.45

                        B/I                   $  - 0 -

                        TRANS:           $   22,903.23

                        IMRF:              $ - 0 -             

                        S/C:                 $ - 0 -

                        F/S:                  $ - 0 -  


                        Total:                $ 317,704.34

B).      Approval of the Treasurer's Report as submitted by Eunice
Rogers, District Treasurer,

C).      The Financial Reports as presented.

 Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote

   Open Forum:

            Paw Paw Sophomores Eric Sauer and Brandi Infante wanted to
let the Board know about a Talent Show the class is sponsoring on March
16th.  The date is scheduled around other school activities so everyone
would be able to participate.  There will be different divisions and all
entrants will have to pay an entry fee.  All proceeds will benefit the
Sophomore Class fund for Prom 2008.

 School District Attorney 

Mr. Walt Zukowski, Attorney for the school district, introduced himself
and his new associate, Jacob Frost.  This was an informal visit that his
office does at least once a year.   His new associate handed out to the
Board, an informational sheet on recent court cases that related to
school issues.  

  Board Committee Reports:

 a.       Education Committee -  next meeting date:  March 6th,  2007 at
5:30 p.m.

b.      Building Committee - has met, bleacher inspection will be coming
up this Friday.

c.       Transportation Committee - no meeting scheduled.

d.      Policy Committee - next meeting Saturday, March 17th, 2007, 9:00
a.m.  Mr. Priest informed the Board about the handbook meeting, which is
scheduled for March 27th at 6:00 p.m.  Parents, staff and board members
are invited.

  Items for Discussion:

a.   Old Business - none

 b.   New Business

1.      SAT Program - Mr. Ebener explained what SAT was, Students
Assisting Teachers, and what that entailed.  He was questioning the
educational value of the program, if the students are missing study hall
there wouldn't be a problem, but some were taking this class instead of
a regular class.  He would like some clarification from the Board about
this program.  The Board asked Mrs. Moorehead her opinion of the
program, since she has one of these students in her classroom.  She
couldn't speak for other teachers but her student assistant hopes to go
into the education field and the experience was invaluable to her.  She
went on to say her teacher assistant worked with the students during
writing, organizing reading materials, and much more, not just running
off copies.  Mr. Priest stated that the education committee needs to
look at this program and they will come back to the board with a

2.      Mr. Priest went over the 07-08 calendar, and  referred to the
comments from the staff concerning scheduling.

3.      Discussion on Staff and Organization of Schools for Next Year
-Closed Session

4.      Graduation Dates - High School graduation date will be Friday,
June 1, 7:00 p.m.; and Jr. High Promotion will be Thursday, May 31st,
7:00 p.m.

5.      Employ Part Time Aide - Closed Session

6.      Coaches for Next Year - Mr. Ebener posted a sign-up sheet for
teachers interested in coaching positions for the 07-08 school year.
After the teachers had a chance to sign up he will open it up to the

7.      Building Usage - Mr. Priest enclosed a copy of the form to be
used when an outside person/organization uses school facilities.

8.      Principal Search - Resumes were coming in, Mr. Priest will
interview potential candidates and set up a day for the Board to
interview three candidates.

 Principal's Report:

            Mr. Ebener reported on the senior class trip, all parents
were notified, and attended a meeting in January with the sponsor, Tammy
Safranek.  Those that were not in attendance at the meeting, were called
and given the costs to each student.  There were not any parents who had
a problems with the $200 cost to each student..  So far, they had three
adult chaperones, two female, one male, and Mr. Ebener wanted to know if
the Board wanted more chaperones?  The Board thought at least one more
male chaperone, if not more. The question of insurance came up, and Mr.
Ebener said that would be a separate liability insurance cost for the

            Mr. Ebener also reported to the Board that Mr. Faber, Ag
Teacher, was requesting another educational sequence to be added to the
curriculum.  Mr. Ebener was working on that. Also, it was FFA week and
the Board was invited to the breakfast in the morning, sponsored by the

            Mr. Ebener handed out a list of disciplinary action taken by
him, broken out by grade, as the Board requested.  Also, he was
recommending, for next school year, that High School Earth Science and
writing and grammar books be adopted through the textbook loan program.

   Superintendent's Report:

 Anything Mr. Priest had for the Board was included in the Board Packet.


          There was a thank you from Mrs. Eichelkraut, whose mother
passed away recently.  Also, he gave copies of a thank you from the
family of Ethel Rhea, Kim Siemers mother.  It had come in too late to be
included in the packet.

Steve Richey, seconded by Kim Siemers, made a motion to adjourn this
regular session of the Paw Paw Community Unit School District at 8:20
P.M. Motion passed unanimously by a voice vote.    

Kim Siemers, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion at  9:45 p.m. to
come out of closed session. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.


            Becky Moorehead, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to
approve the employment of Heidi McKee as an instructional aide for the
remainder of the year. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

 Becky Moorehead, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to
approve the  High School Graduation date of June 1, 2007; and the Jr.
High Promotion date of May 31st. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Becky Moorehead, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion, to adjourn
the Regular Board Meeting of Paw Paw Community Unit School District
#371, at 9:47 p.m. Motion passed unanimously by a voice vote.