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In Case of School Closings

Autocall Replay:

To hear the last Robo Calls Again call toll-free (minutes may apply) on the phone that received the call:  855-473-7529

In Case of School Closings

Whenever it is necessary to cancel school or dismiss early, parents will receive a Robo-Call and an announcement will be made on the following radio and/or TV stations by 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.:

WGLC (1090 AM/100.1 FM) Mendota

WLBK (1360 AM/92.5 FM) DeKalb

WRHL (1060 AM/102.3 FM) Rochelle

WDKB (95.0 FM ) DeKalb

WDEK (94.9 FM) DeKalb

WSPY (107.0 FM) Plano

WIFR TV 23 Rockford

WTVO TV 17 Rockford

 WREX TV 13 Rockford

Paw Paw Schools will  utilize a notification calling system (Robo-Call) with messages sent to parents about school closings.  If is hoped that all parents will receive the informative call.  The connection success will be based upon the number provided to the school and whether someone answers the phone or hears the message.  Caller ID information will display the school number 815-627-2671.

Please do not call the school office! Our lines need to be free to call radio stations, bus drivers, staff, parents, etc. Please give your child, in advance, instructions (or send a note to school to have on file) on what to do if school is dismissed early. Consider a back-up Plan B if Plan A fails. Your child's safety is our first priority, not only when ice/snow is a concern, but also with extreme cold temperatures. Dress your child/children appropriately for cold weather, whether riding a school bus, in a car. or walking to school. Also, remember to dress your child for the cool weather, as they will have recess outside every day.