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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 - 7:00 PM
Paw Paw High School Library
Paw Paw, Illinois

Board President David Lilja called the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education of Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 to order at 7:06 P.M., on Wednesday, February 15, 2006. Those answering roll call were: Kim Siemers, David Lilja, Steve Richey, and John Prentice. Absent were Becky Moorehead and Bruce Oates. Also present were Superintendent Mr. Priest, Mr. Noard, Patty Torman, Alice Zeman, Mr. Blake Strong, and Nehal Bokhari.

Board President David Lilja, opened the meeting with a hearing concerning the intent of the Board of Education of Community Unit School District Number 271, Lee and DeKalb Counties, Illinois to sell general obligation alternate bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $2,100,000. He asked the Board if there were any questions, and there was none. Nehal Bokhari, a parent and taxpayer from Paw Paw asked a couple of questions about the bonds, as he was not familiar with them. Mr. Lilja explained they are taking out the bonds to make improvements to the buildings, and went on to explain that bonds are being taken out to pay for the improvements. Interest on these bonds will be decided when the bonds are put out for bid.

John Prentice, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 18, 2006, as presented Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote

Kim Siemers, seconded by David Lilja, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Committee as a Whole Board Meeting of January 7, 2006. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Kim Siemers, seconded by Steve Richey, made a motion to approve the minutes of the Closed Session of January 18, 2006, as presented. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

David Lilja had a couple of questions about the bills that were presented for approval. The bill for N.I.A. (Northwestern Illinois Association) and if the new bus just purchased is the lease cost. Mr. Priest explained that the NIA bill is for occupational services they provide for a couple of our students, and yes, the bus cost is for the first year of the lease. Kim Siemers asked Mr. Priest about the $2000 that the Board approved for the Americorp grant, what is happening with it? Mr. Priest said he would check into it and get back to the Board.

Kim Siemers, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda Items as presented:
A). Approval of the bills as follows:
Ed: $ 219,100.40
OP/M: $ 22469.01
B/I $ - 0 -
TRANS: $ 35,146.37
IMRF: $ 6444.42
S/C: $ - 0 -
F/S: $ - 0 -
Total: $ 283,160.20
REGULAR MEETING – February 15, 2006
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B). Approval of the Treasurer’s Report as submitted by Eunice Rogers, District Treasurer,
C). The Financial Reports as presented.
D). Audit Report as presented.
Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote


Nehal Bokhari, resident of Paw Paw and a parent, wanted to know about some things he has heard in the community concerning Jr/Sr High School principal leaving. Mr. Lilja explained that anything to do with personnel is discussed in closed session, but would only say that at this time a contract has not been extended to the principal.


a. Education Committee – Mr. Priest informed the Board about the last committee meeting. Discussed was the organization of the school for the 2006-07 school year. Fifth grade will be split and moved back to the elementary wing, as there are two extra rooms open. Also, next year college bound math classes could be taken at Paw Paw High School, using a teacher that would come in from Kishwaukee College for a zero hour class. Upcoming ISAT preparations for testing on March 13-24 were also discussed. Next committee meeting will be on Tuesday, February 21st at 4:15.

b. Building Committee - Next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, February 21, at 5:15 in the District Office, along with the Transportation Committee. David Lilja informed the Board that Mr. Priest and himself have visited a couple of schools, who had work completed by two of the companies that were bidding.

c. Transportation Committee - Mr. Priest told the Board he that the new bus for the special education route has been delivered and is in service. He also told them that he is looking into bids for a new full size bus for the next fiscal year.
Bruce Oates entered the meeting.

d. Policy Committee – Next meeting scheduled for March 11, 2006, 9:00 a.m.


1. Coaching assignments will be discussed in closed session.

2. Architect Search – we have about 11-12 RFQ. The committee will narrow down the field to about three, and take those back to the Board for consideration.

3. Negotiations – closed session.

4. Performance Contract Status - The bid opening for the Performance Contracts will be at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, February 17, 2006. Three board members will go over all of these bids, and make a recommendation to the Board for approval


1. Special Education – Mr. Priest met with fellow superintendents from Lee County at the Amboy High School, to discuss the Lee County Special Education Co-op. He found out that he is not the only superintendent with issues with Lee County. They will be evaluating the Director soon and will talk to the Director about our concerns. The superintendents will continue to do as much on their own as possible. It was discussed how the districts were charged, the charges are based on the number of students not the services they are receiving.

2. Employment of Aide – closed session.

3. IVVC Resolution – every board member has a copy of the resolution, stays the same every year, with charges varying.

4. NIA Resolution – Mr. Priest stated that they will table this until the March Board Meeting. There seems to be some disagreement between the parties involved.

5. Discussion on Staffing and Organization of Schools for 06-07 – There needs to be some advanced math classes added to the curriculum. We will have enough students, next year, to bring in a teacher from Kishwaukee College, to teach a zero hour class, Advanced Math first semester and Trigonometry the second semester. Mr. Noard asked if they do this, could students taking advantage of the early class leave an hour early at the end of the day? That will be discussed with the Education Committee. Since Mrs. Bond is retiring, we are looking at ways to use staff we already have in place and what role a new teacher would play.

6. Graduation Date – Mr. Noard asked the Board to consider High School graduation on Friday, May 26th and Jr. High graduation on Thursday, May 25th. This will be an action item.
Mr. Priest brought to the Boards’ attention to the 2006-07 calendar included in their board packet. They are to look at it, consider it, and bring it back to the March Meeting with any comments.

7. Principal’s Contract - Closed session.


Mr. Noard explained to the Board about a new grant Mrs. Jamroch is working towards. It is called the Novell Credit Recovery Grant. The purpose of the grant is to enable students who failed classes to recoup any credits they may have lost. Students pay $50 to do this and if they complete the coursework and receive a credit, the school will refund $25 back to the student. The students will have access online after school, to complete this, which will require teacher supervision. The money in the grant will pay for this teacher. With the money left over, she recommended a computer be purchased, which is authorized under the grant. John Prentice asked why should the students pay for the course if there was more than enough money to pay for the teacher? Why do we need to save money to buy a computer, let’s put the money towards the students. Mr. Noard said they felt the students would succeed if they have a motivation to complete the course and receive part of their money back. Some of the Board members suggested they refund the entire $50 stipend if they succeed, since they would rather see the money used for the students instead of a laptop computer. The question was also brought up about students who have been out of school for a few years using this tool, especially if they were not able to graduate and are working towards their GED? These are some of the concerns that will have to be addressed by the staff.

Mr. Noard explained that some students still needed to get driving time in for their driver’s license, so he found someone that will do the driving with the students on Saturdays.  This person is certified to teach drivers education.

The spring play will be on the weekend of March 10th; the Board is invited to attend. He also gave a brief report on the boys basketball program and Little 10 conference news.


Mr. Priest informed the Board of a regional meeting coming up in Lena, Illinois, and if anyone was interested in going to let his office know.

There was a response letter, from CUSD #271 to the Lee/Ogle ROE concerning the recent audit by Ms. Clemons ¡There were not a lot of concerns to respond to the ROE.

Also enclosed is a preliminary calendar for the Board members to look at and jot down concerns and/or ideas, and bring it back to the March board meeting. Mr. Priest has shown it to Mrs. Pfeifer and Mr. Hoelzer, and got their input.

Bruce Oates, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to adjourn to closed session to discuss personnel, negotiations, and probable or imminent litigations at 8:35 p.m. Motion passed unanimously by a voice vote.

Kim Siemers, seconded by Bruce Oates, made a motion at 10:38 p.m. to come out of closed session. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.


Steve Richey, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve Heather Bachman as Instructional Aide for the Paw Paw Elementary for the remainder of the school year. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Steve Richey, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to employ Kurt Bohlman as Boys Assistant Baseball Coach for the 2006 season. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Steve Richey, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the IVVC joint agreement changes.  Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Motion to approve the NIA joint agreement changes was tabled till March board meeting.

Steve Richey seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to approve the High School graduation date as May 26, 2006 and the Jr. High graduation date as May 25, 2006. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.

Steve Richey, seconded by John Prentice, made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting of the Paw Paw Community Unit School District #271 Board of Education, at 10:08 P.M. Motion passed unanimously by a roll call vote.